2020-06-25 / by Tracy Ng. / in Tips & Insights, Virtual Staging

Must-read virtual staging tips for professional real estate photo business

| Must-read virtual staging tips for real estate photo business |

When people are looking for a home, they like to get a sense of what it would look like furnished. Thus, staged homes actually sell 73% faster than their un-staged counterparts.

Thanks to the advance in leading-edge technology and the increasing demand for high quality images across the Real Estate business, #VirtualStaging is leveraged as a convenient alternative for staging a home.
Unlike traditional staging, Virtual staging is an economical yet easy way to increase the buyers’ attention and interest.

Various objects in different looks are available to match any design concept, project plan, existing style and clients request. Realistic proportions, textures, lighting and shading create photo-realistic images. Virtual renovations such as changes in color or flooring, wall/ceiling updates, construction completion or kitchen re-modelling are also possible.

If you are new in the Virtual Furniture field or considering an outsourcing services, here are some virtual staging tips for you before starting your first work of art.






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