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Real estate photo retouching: How to take advantage of it

Most real estate business even the small and big ones, dream of attracting more and more customers to their property in order to expand their business and to earn more revenue. So, you will need to reveal the best parts of your properties to potential customers but some businesses often wonder how to increase the appeal and elegance of their real estate properties without spending too much.


One of the simplest and cheapest ways through which you can accomplish the above is real estate photo retouching. Customers get easily attached to the clearly defined images and to the ones that look pretty much like the actual property. This is one of the major reasons for the immense popularity of real estate photo retouching services among businesses.

It is a widely accepted and proven fact that using elegant and appealing images of your property in websites and social media platform will help you to draw in more customers towards your business. Most of the digital images of real estate properties usually contain minor irregularities or related issues.

This can make your property look bad to your potential customers. If you are in this particular situation, either you can redo the photo shoot once again in hopes of capturing ideal images of your property or you can simply pass the ordinary or unattractive images to an experienced real estate photo retouching company.

The first solution can be a little bit expensive and it may even fail to deliver the result that you are after. On the other hand, the second option available to you, that is working with a real estate photo editor will certainly make your ordinary images look elegant and attractive. Moreover, it won’t cost you as much as the first one. Therefore, the wisest option is always the second one.

Real estate photo retouching is one of the widely used real estate photo editing techniques and it has always enabled photo editors to enhance the appeal of different real estate images with ease. Some of the most popular services offered at GIF84 are as follows:

Common Enhancing


Most of the digitally captured images usually contain flaws. However, some of the flaws in these images can be minor, which means that most businesses fail to recognize them. Real estate photo retouching possess the skill and expertise to easily identify the issue. Photo editors carefully resolve each one of these issues with the help of accurate photo editing software applications. This will enhance the appearance of the image and make it a lot more presentable to viewers.

Image Stitching

The introduction of modern photo editing tools and other software applications has allowed businesses and photo editors to offer a full and detailed view of their properly to clients. In addition to that, real estate photo editors join multiple images of your property into a single big image. This will help your customers to know more about the property and it also enables them to make a buying decision without visiting the house or property.

Real estate images with amazing impact – HDR Shots


Simple snapshots are not enough! To be able to spark the interest of potential buyers or tenants you should use highly appealing images. Nowadays every property advertisement and online-ad contains a large amount of images. Quickly and cheap made photographs are no longer enough to get the interest of potential customers. Expressive photography in superb quality is essential to stand out from the crowd.

In this fast-moving market its sometimes not possible to hire a professional photographer, so a quick picture on the phone often serves as the most cost-effective solution. Even though quality is getting better and better, there may be several circumstances due to which these pictures look far from perfect.

Even professional photographers may get to their limits: Bad weather, bad light conditions, a house under reconstruction or an apartment undergoing renovation could make it impossible to reach the desired result. GIF84 serves as your perfect partner for getting the best out of your images. With professional REAL ESTATE PHOTO RETOUCHING services and essential color adjustments we make sure your advertisements stand out in the property and housing market. This, in turn, leads to a higher number of prospective customers as well as faster sales at better prices.

Several real estate businesses have a misconception that low quality of images is enough for marketing and advertising campaigns. The reality is that poor quality images will not only drive customers away from your offerings but it will also affect the reputation of your brand. HDR shots of real estate obtained through real estate photo retouching compel your customers to check out your property.

Exterior Property Retouching – Sky Changing

Retouching pro offers the finest in exterior property day and dusk retouching.  Whether it is a home, hotels, commercial building or a office high rise tower we know how to make each and every image stand out from the crowd.  We replace skies where ever necessary, we can covert day image to dusk images digitally using our trademark virtual dusk techniques.

Outdoor images of your real estate properties should look cozy, elegant, dreamy, and appealing. However, the atmosphere and even background of some real estate images may sometimes look a little bit odd or unattractive. If that is the case, the experts at GIF84 incorporate the use of sky changing technique. This enables the photo editors to efficiently change the atmosphere of the digital images without compromising its quality.

Interior Property Retouching – Object Removal


What makes some real estate images unattractive or less appealing are the undesirable objects in their background. Objects such as litter, garbage, and others disguise customers, which mean that it is best to remove them from your real estate images. This is a highly sophisticated process but the expert photo editors at our disposal can pull off this without much effort.

Retouching pro offers customised interior image retouching specific to your style and requirements.  We have teams dedicated to our clients to ensure consistency and quality of the end product.  We also like to work with clients to ensure their input photos are the best quality so we can generate consistently high quality final outputs for them.


Our creative efficiency and the ability to provide excellent real estate photo retouching services to our clients have played a key role in the success of our business. Finding a real estate photo retouching service is not a difficult task these days but photo retouching company like GIF84 who guarantees the satisfaction of customers can be a tough job.

We retouch property and REAL ESTATE PHOTO RETOUCHING for leading real estate photographers.  Our quality is second to none and turn around time are very fast.  Simply send us your raw files, and we send you back the best quality property images in the market. Get in touch with us to know more about our plans and pricing details. No matter what kind of real estate photo editing service you are after, GIF84 has got you covered.