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Floor plan redraw services

Floor plan redraw services is becoming increasingly in demand — and for good reason. Not only is it more cost-effective and convenient, it also dramatically enhances the property’s digital aesthetic appeal.

Photos alone may help to capture a buyer’s attention, but a Floor plan redraw services will keep their attention longer. The more visuals you can provide to buyers, the more time they will spend looking at the listing.

From high-quality photos, to high-quality floor plans GIF84 now offers the best quality Floor plan redraw services in black & white, colored, textured, and in 3D. In-line with that, GIF84 also offers a combination of floor plan & site plan – showcasing the external features of a property.

As the pandemic pushes the real estate business to get creative in how homes are bought and sold online, staging services are booming. Homes that present well in videos and photographs are the first to capture the attention of buyers, and staging can make a dramatic difference in how quickly and at what price a home sells.

But there’s more to the future of home staging than meets the eye. Floor plan redraw services are the next generation of interior designers, but they’re significantly less expensive, with a faster turnaround time than traditional approaches.

The results can be quite stunning and unexpected, with attention-grabbing, high-definition digital enhancements and unique indoor/outdoor furniture layouts highlighting one-of-a-kind artwork and landscaping decor.

Some studios have photographer networks covering all states. Others expect the client to provide the photographs. Some are full-service companies with high-end digital enhancements and design, while others are self-service. Most will add furniture, cabinetry, flooring, paint and virtual twilight, but can also include 3D floor plans and virtual landscaping upon request.

If you have a favorite artist or gallery, some services will customize your rooms with fine or contemporary art pieces to help your property stand out from others and give your local artists some additional exposure.

To make your property look expansive, stage it completely unfurnished with strategically placed artwork and nothing else. If you prefer museum-quality art, some collections will allow royalty-free use from their digital archives.

Most agencies will provide Floor plan redraw services to residential properties as well as commercial, including multi- and single-family developments, office spaces, vacation rentals, senior living, retail stores, event venues, hotels and more.

2D Black & White

Go for a simple layout of your property with our 2D Black & White Floor plan redraw services, giving your clean & clear output that may keep buyers understand your property’s activity flow.

If you’re looking for the no-nonsense, straight-up floor plan to clearly showcase the home’s layout, then the 2D black and white floor plan is the perfect option. Clear, simple and easy to use, potential buyers will obtain a great understanding of the home’s layout.

Floor plan redraw services Floor plan redraw services

2D Colored

To easily show the different functions of a certain area, 2D-Colored Floor plan redraw services is the best option. Buyers may easily determine which areas within the property has the same function using colors.

Add an extra element of visual interest with a full color 2D floor plan. Potential buyers will be able to clearly visualize the layout of the home from where their couch could go to any possible extensions or renovation potential thanks to colored rooms.

Floor plan redraw services

                                                                                        Floor plan redraw services                                                                                                                                                   

2D Textured

Textured floor plan is the way to go, providing you a more precise & detailed layout of the property including elements such as furnitures, fixtures, and flooring materials. Using textured floor plan may attract more potential buyers.

Use a 2D textured Floor plan redraw services to not only showcase the home’s layout, but also features like textured flooring such as carpets, tiles and decking, as well as furniture. A 2D textured floor plan will highlight these features and provide more detail to potential buyers.



Almost as good as walking through the property, a 3D full color Floor plan redraw services shows the home to a potential buyer in greater detail. From demonstrating the flooring transitions to which way a door swings, a 3D full color floor plan will show off a property and help attract top quality buyers.

Site plan

Showcase the landscaping & the exterior of Land.
A overall picture of land.

A site plan is an extra element to your Floor plan redraw services that gives potential buyers an overall picture of the property and surroundings as well. Site plans are great to show off external features such as landscaping or pools, size of blocks, or multiple dwellings.